Yumbs, Focalistic & Joeboy – Off My Mind

Yumbs, Focalistic & Joeboy - Off My Mind

Yumbs, Focalistic & Joeboy – Off My Mind

Artist: Yumbs, Focalistic & Joeboy
Genres: Dance
Release Date: 5/10/2024
Track Count: 1

Yumbs, Focalistic, and Joeboy have collaborated to release a fresh single called ‘Off My Mind’, featuring Bien and Moliy. This captivating track was born during a writing camp organized by the Warner Music Group in Ghana in January. It transports listeners on an engrossing voyage into the domains of desire and love. The song begins with the enchanting vocals of Bien, setting a seductive tone that resonates throughout. Focalistic brings his unique Pitori slang, infusing the track with an electrifying energy that cannot be ignored. Joeboy’s Afrobeat-inspired cadence adds depth and richness to the song, while Moliy’s delicate vocals serve as the perfect complement, drawing listeners even deeper into the sonic experience.

Yumbs orchestrates a beautiful Amapiano love story alongside African luminaries: Focalistic, JoeBoy, Bien, and Moliy. This soulful masterpiece starts with the velvety tones of Bien, weaving a seductive tapestry with the haunting refrain, “Tell me what I do to get you off my mind.” Focalistic then injects his signature Pitori (Pretoria) slang, infusing the track with raw energy.

JoeBoy contributes an Afrobeat-inspired cadence, harmonizing seamlessly with the essence of the song. As the melody sways, Moliy’s vocals delicately caress, drawing the listener even deeper into the sonic embrace. This composition transcends boundaries, blending soulful resonance with danceable rhythms, inviting listeners from all corners of the world to join in its melodic reverie.

You can stream ‘Off My Mind’ below: