Harrycane’s album ‘Dubula Dubula’ has been crafted with you in mind

Harrycane's album 'Dubula Dubula' has been crafted with you in mind

Harrycane has quickly risen to fame in less than a year, accumulating a significant number of streams. With close to half a million Spotify followers, his list of hit songs is extensive. Presenting his full talent to fans, the versatile producer has released his debut album, ‘Dubula Dubula.’

Harrycane is on the path to becoming South Africa’s next big music sensation, with support from Master KG propelling him forward. Expanding on his success as a producer, he has recently dropped his highly anticipated debut album, adding another achievement to his growing list.

Titled ‘Dubula Dubula,’ Harrycane’s album is a fusion of sounds that have influenced him throughout the years, demonstrating his musical prowess, adaptability, and creativity to break boundaries and still produce chart-topping hits.

Featuring 10 tracks, including previously released hits like ‘Kude’ and ‘Dubula,’ this album will transport you from a tranquil mental getaway to a lively club scene in an instant.