SPeeKa – ‘Organized Grime 2’ Album

SPeeKa - ‘Organized Grime 2’ Album

SPeeKa – ‘Organized Grime 2’ Album

Artist: SPeeKa
Genres: Dance
Release Date: 5/10/2024
Track Count: 11

SPeeKa, a producer from Soweto and a prominent figure in kasi rap, has released a follow-up to his 2017 EP ‘Organized Grime’ called ‘Organized Grime 2’.

The album consists of 11 tracks and pays homage to both his passion for Hip-Hop and Kwaito culture, as well as a tribute to his late father, who is featured on the album’s cover art.

The opening track ‘Tlhoka Pelaelo’ explores SPeeKa’s evolution in the South African Hip-Hop scene over the years. Listeners are then treated to an engaging Boom Bap experience in the song ‘Amy’, which features talented Soweto MCs Fergason and Infektist.

Featuring collaborations with artists like Sizwe Alakine, N’Veigh, Mthizo, Jimmy Wiz, and others, ‘Organized Grime 2’ is now available for streaming on Bandcamp and YouTube.

You can listen to ‘Organized Grime 2’ by following the link below: