Stilo Magolide Releases “Shein Cart” Visuals

Stilo Magolide Releases "Shein Cart" Visuals

Stilo Magolide has finally released the highly anticipated visuals for his critically acclaimed single, ‘SHEIN CART’. The music video brilliantly brings to life the specific references mentioned in the song, providing even more depth and meaning. For instance, viewers can see the female characters in the video ordering trendy clothes from the popular online retailer, SHEIN, enjoying a meal at the renowned Ukko restaurant, and getting their hair done at the well-known wig retailer, Sarhap Hairline. These scenes directly correlate with the lyrics, such as “I will clear your SHEIN cart,” “Ukko for lunch and you can order what you want,” and “Sarhap the hairline, give you inches to your knees.”

The visuals are truly captivating and vibrant, filmed in various locations and enhanced with a range of stunning effects. Be sure to check out the official music video for ‘SHEIN Cart’ below.