After Serving His Sentence, Brickz Will Produce Gospel Music

After Serving His Sentence, Brickz Will Produce Gospel Music

Brickz, the incarcerated Kwaito musician, is currently serving a 15-year jail sentence for the rape of his 16-year-old niece in 2013. However, there are reports suggesting that he has undergone a transformation during his time behind bars.

According to insiders close to Brickz, he has not given up on his passion for music and continues to create music while in prison. In fact, he is even part of a choir. Once he completes his sentence, he intends to make a switch from Kwaito to Gospel music.

These insiders also claim that Brickz has made significant changes in his life and is determined to make a positive impact through his music. However, it seems that many people in Mzansi remain skeptical about his transformation, with some believing that he is simply seeking parole.

The reactions to this news vary. Some individuals, like biccapital, express their disbelief and suggest that Brickz should remain in jail and entertain his fellow prisoners. On the other hand, Rocksta34891941 believes that Gospel music is a lucrative path for Brickz, especially after his release from prison, as he may struggle to survive in the hip hop industry.

Meanwhile, MusunteElec and Buccckks express their disapproval and argue that Brickz should not be granted parole and should instead serve his full sentence for his unforgivable actions.