‘FOREVHER FRIDAY’, An Upcoming Showcase To Honor Women In Music

Johannesburg’s music scene is on the brink of a major transformation with the upcoming debut of FOREVHER FRIDAY, an innovative event shining a spotlight on women in music.

Taking place on the 31st of May 2024 at Spilt Milk, Melville, this groundbreaking showcase is set to revolutionize the city’s entertainment scene by highlighting the talents of female artists.

FOREVHER FRIDAY is more than just an event – it’s a movement. Featuring a carefully curated lineup of female artists and DJs who are pushing boundaries and shattering stereotypes, this event promises a dynamic blend of talent, empowerment, and musical excellence. From soulful singers to innovative producers, the diverse range of performers ensures an evening of unforgettable entertainment. And the excitement doesn’t end there.

Leading up to the main event, supporters of the movement can anticipate the Road to Forevher Friday Cypher. This pre-event cypher will provide a platform for up-and-coming female talent in the hip-hop scene to showcase their skills and pave the way for a new wave of musical pioneers.

Forever Friday’s goal is to create an environment where women in music may flourish, develop, and inspire. It’s a straightforward yet deep idea. Within Johannesburg’s thriving music scene, it seeks to promote an inclusive and empowering culture by elevating the voices of female DJs and performers.

FOREVHER FRIDAY will have an amazing musical lineup in addition to a plethora of delicious treats, refreshing drinks, and plenty of chances for networking and connection. The immersive experience is guaranteed to arouse the senses and awaken the soul.

To purchase tickets for FOREVHER FRIDAY, which are now available via Quicket, click HERE.