Ex Global claims that the South African hip hop scene is no longer thriving

Ex Global claims that the South African hip hop scene is no longer thriving.

Ex Global, a prominent Mzansi rapper, holds the belief that SA Hip Hop has met its demise. Recently, the focus of the world has shifted towards the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and various SA Hip Hop stars have shared their opinions on the matter. Ex Global took to Twitter to express his thoughts, stating that Drake emerged victorious by cleverly turning the situation around. He highlighted how Kendrick was lured into a week-long frenzy with fake news. In Ex Global’s eyes, Hip Hop stands as the greatest genre in the world, and he expressed his excitement for the current state of affairs.

However, one of his fans raised a valid question, asking what steps are being taken to revive SA Hip Hop. In response, Ex Global revealed that he believes the genre is dead, attributing this conclusion to the recent negative publicity it has received. He shared that a friend of his called him, deeply disappointed with the bad PR SA Hip Hop had garnered in the past week. To this friend, it seemed that the genre was finished and beyond repair. Ex Global pointed out that DJs played a significant role in killing the genre for his friend, as many rappers had let him down. Consequently, he expressed his belief that there is no point in exerting efforts to revive the culture, as it currently stands.

Furthermore, Ex Global had previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the music being released, claiming that it no longer appeals to women. He candidly admitted that the current rap style is scaring away female attendees from shows, resulting in SA Hip Hop events being predominantly attended by male groups. He questioned the absence of music that evokes a desire to dress up and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Ex Global yearned for the return of the musical touch that brings joy and compels people to dance.