The true reason behind the demise of Costa Titch has been unveiled at last.

Costa Titch’s cause of death has finally been disclosed after a year since his passing. The collaboration between his family and pathologists during the post-mortem examination revealed an unknown strain on Costa’s heart, which was further exacerbated by enduring stress and fatigue, ultimately leading to the demise of the renowned superstar.

As per the official statement issued by the family, the strain on Costa’s heart and the persistent stress likely resulted in an irregular heartbeat, triggering a seizure that tragically claimed his life while he was performing on stage.

“Costantinos Tsobanoglou, popularly known as Costa Titch, was a cherished South African musician and dancer. Following his unexpected collapse during the Ultra Music Festival in March, Costa Titch passed away on the 11th of March 2023. Amidst various speculations, our team and family collaborated with pathologists to uncover the true cause of his untimely departure. The post-mortem examination revealed a significant strain on Costa’s heart, unbeknownst to him, compounded by enduring stress and fatigue,” stated the family.

Prior to his unforeseen demise, Costa Titch was hailed as one of the most prominent performing artists in South Africa. His single “Big Flexa” with C’buda M, Alfa Kat, Banaba Des, Sdida & Man T stands as one of the greatest piano offerings ever released.