The dance moves of DJ Lamiez Holworthy have received a variety of reactions

The dance moves of DJ Lamiez Holworthy have received a variety of reactions

Mzansi has expressed a variety of opinions regarding DJ Lamiez Holworthy’s dance moves. It has become a trend among Mzansi DJs, particularly women, to leave their DJ booth and showcase their dancing skills to entertain their fans. This trend was initiated by Uncle Waffles and has been followed by other DJs such as Cyan Boujee, Thuli P, Pearl Thusi, and more. Even Murdah Bongz, DJ Zinhle’s partner, is known for his impressive dance moves during performances.

Recently, Lamiez Holworthy joined this movement by taking a break from her DJ booth and treating her audience to a dance show. However, her fans were not entirely impressed with her performance. A video of the event was shared on X by a user with the handle @Ori_RSA, showcasing Lamiez looking stylish as always in a leather skirt and biker jacket.

The video featured a caption that read, “DJ Lamiez showcasing her dance moves to her audience while on stage.”

Unfortunately, the response from fans was not overwhelmingly positive. Some commented that she appeared too muscular or masculine. For instance, @shaz_bantuza reacted to the video by saying, “She’s not flaunting her husband’s belongings in the air for other men to admire.”

ZKula9 responded, “Her husband appears more feminine compared to her masculine demeanor.”

Another fan simply commented, “She has a muscular physique.”

Overall, the reactions to DJ Lamiez Holworthy’s dance moves have been mixed, with some fans expressing disappointment or making negative remarks about her appearance.