On Spotify, South African Artists Have Earned Almost R256 Million

Spotify has released its annual report, Loud & Clear, with the aim of increasing transparency in the music industry. In addition to breaking down the worldwide streaming economy, the actors involved, and the procedure, the paper includes data on Spotify’s royalties. This is the second year that Spotify has shared earnings data specifically for South African artists on the platform.

Here are the key findings from Spotify’s 2024 Loud & Clear Report on the South African music industry:

1. In 2023, South African artists earned nearly R256 million in royalties from Spotify alone. This reflects a significant increase of almost 240% since 2019 and over 500% since 2017.

2. South African artists were discovered by first-time listeners on Spotify over 735 million times in 2023.

3. The number of South African artists earning over R100,000 in royalties from Spotify alone has grown more than five times since 2018.

4. In 2023, almost 2,800 South African artists were featured on editorial playlists on Spotify.

Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy, Spotify’s SSA Managing Director, expressed her admiration for the continuous growth of South African artists’ streaming revenues on Spotify. She emphasized Spotify’s commitment to supporting these artists and ensuring that they can make a living from their art.

Amapiano, a popular genre in South Africa, has emerged as the country’s biggest musical export. Spotify’s on-platform data reveals that the genre’s popularity continues to rise:

1. Local music consumption in South Africa has increased by 101% in 2023.

2. Although the industry is still male-dominated, female artists are gaining momentum. Average streams for female artists increased by 49% in 2023 compared to the previous year.

3. Amapiano tracks have been added to over 14 million playlists, indicating a growth of 566% from 2018 to 2023.