Msizi Shembe excels in his latest late-night program on Metro FM

Msizi Shembe excels in his latest late-night program on Metro FMMsizi Shembe, a well-known radio personality on Metro FM, has recently gained popularity with his new late-night show. He was the host of the well-liked Sunday Soul Therapy show before switching to the Back 2 Basics program, where he now captivates audiences every Sunday from 9 PM until midnight.

With a decade of experience on the airwaves, Msizi Shembe is a seasoned radio personality on Metro FM. In addition to his time on Metro FM, he has also worked at other prominent stations such as YFM, Vuma FM, and Gagasi FM. His broad experience has given him the adaptability and tenacity required to succeed in a variety of broadcasting settings.

Regarding his new time slot, Msizi expressed initial challenges but overall, he has smoothly adjusted to the change. “I’m adapting quite well. Initially, I had to coordinate my weekend events and work around the times just before my radio slot starts,” he said. This adjustment demonstrates Msizi’s commitment to both his radio career and his activities outside the studio.

Msizi acknowledges the evolving nature of the radio industry, particularly with the rise of podcasts. “Radio is constantly evolving, and listeners are diverse. The key is to keep them engaged and increase the audience numbers,” he remarked. Msizi’s strategy focuses on delivering quality music and engaging topics, ensuring that his show remains a favorite among late-night listeners.

When he’s not on air, Msizi dedicates his time to curating an impressive music collection. This enthusiasm not only improves his performances at different venues but also sharpens his taste in music in general. “I collect a lot of music to enhance my performances at events and to develop a good ear for music,” he shared. Msizi’s dedication to his craft is evident as he confidently stated, “I can excel in any time slot—I will always deliver.”