Moonchild Sanelly switches up her iconic hairstyle

Moonchild Sanelly switches up her iconic hairstyle

After more than ten years of sporting the same hairstyle, Moonchild Sanelly appears to have transitioned to a new and unique look. In 2018, she disclosed that she had officially registered and patented her hair. During a conversation with DJ Fresh on The Breakfast Show, she stated,

“I have officially registered this hairstyle. I have patented it. It is legally known as a moon mop. I didn’t want anyone copying it.”

She emphasized that she is the sole owner of the hairstyle and that individuals would require her authorization to replicate it.

“You must seek my approval. It must be a moon mop, but if it’s blue and I’m in a bad mood, if you do it during that time of the month, I will take action. We issued a statement. It was a blue mop. You need my consent.”

I once found myself in possession of a mop and some wool, and in that moment, I decided to embark on an experiment. Upon my return to Joburg, I was convinced that this newfound endeavor had become my unique style.

In a recently posted video, Moonchild unveiled a new purple hairstyle while promoting her upcoming song “Scrambled Eggs.” Check it out for yourself below.