Mneno Babalwa lashes out at Inno Morolong

Babalwa Mneno is currently pursuing legal action against Inno Morolong, claiming that Inno has caused her significant distress and reputational harm through false accusations on social media. In particular, Inno has accused Babalwa of drug use and promiscuity, allegations which Babalwa vehemently denies. Babalwa emphasizes the importance of being cautious with words on social media, as they can quickly spread and cause irreversible damage to one’s reputation. She also highlights that Inno has been bullying her for an extended period, leading to job losses. Babalwa is now prepared to take a stand with the support of her legal team, stating that she has evidence to support her claims. As Babalwa gears up for a legal battle, all attention is focused not only on her but also on Inno Morolong, to observe her response to the situation.