Chronical Deep releases his latest single ‘Ukhathele’

Chronical Deep Releases "Ukhathele," a New Single

Chronical Deep, the highly acclaimed DJ and music producer, has recently released a fresh new track titled ‘Ukhathele’. This captivating song features the incredible vocal talents of Leandra.vert and Colkaze. ‘Ukhathele’ is a mesmerizing house track that beautifully incorporates elements of jazz.

This single truly showcases Chronical Deep’s unique style, which has propelled him to great success in the electronic dance music scene in South Africa. The song possesses a sophisticated and soulful sound, a highly sought-after quality in the realm of house music. It is evident that Chronical Deep’s innovative approach to production has earned him praise and recognition from both fans and fellow musicians.

The title ‘Ukhathele’ translates to ‘tired’ and serves as a prayer that addresses the daily challenges faced in a struggling society. Leandra.vert’s ethereal vocals are truly spine-tingling and set the tone for what feels like a prayer set to a house beat. The combination of exceptional instrumentation and these elements results in a listening experience that transcends genre boundaries, captivating the audience with its depth and emotion.

To listen to ‘Ukhathele’, simply stream it below.