Boity Thulo has been accused of seeking attention by following Mpho Sebeng after his passing

Boity Thulo Accused Of Clout Chasing For Following Mpho Sebeng After His Death

Boity Thulo, the South African Hip Hop star and businesswoman, has found herself in a difficult situation. Throughout this year, she has faced numerous criticisms and now she is being accused of clout chasing. The accusation came after it was revealed that she started following the late actor Mpho Sebeng on Instagram after his tragic death, along with over 11,000 other followers.

A tweet highlighted this development, stating, “Since the tragic news of Mpho Sebeng’s untimely passing, his Instagram account has gained over 11,000 followers. Boity was not following Mpho Sebeng when he was alive, but only started following him this week after we all learned of his passing.”

Netizens expressed their anger and accused the rapper of seeking attention. One user, @sheabutterhun, questioned the reasoning behind following a deceased person’s account, stating, “I wonder what would be the reasoning behind this. What are you following a dead person’s account for? It doesn’t make sense.”

In response, @General_Sport7 suggested that there is no need to follow, but rather visit and view the content one wants to see and then leave.