Titow, Q-Mark & Slick Widit – Ngeke (Feat. Hugo Flash)

Fans and critics alike have praised the seamless combination of talents on “Ngeke”, attributing its allure to the synergy between the artists and their ability to produce a track that’s both contemporary and deeply rooted in rhythmic tradition. With its pulse-pounding beat and lively essence, “Ngeke” is anticipated to be a pivotal track in dance music this year.

Titow, Q-Mark & Slick Widit – Ngeke

Artist: Titow, Q-Mark & Slick Widit
Genre: Dance
Release Date: May 24, 2024
Track Count: 1

With the collaboration of Titow, Q-Mark, and Slick Widit with Hugo Flash on their most recent release, “Ngeke,” the lively dance scene has yet another hit song. The song, which is currently accessible everywhere, has a catchy beat that will definitely get listeners moving.

Both fans and critics have lauded “Ngeke” for its flawless fusion of abilities, citing the performers’ collaboration and ability to create a modern song with a strong foundation in rhythmic heritage as the song’s main draws. “Ngeke,” with its frantic pace and upbeat vibe, is sure to be a major dance music release this year.