Springle and Tracy’s Joint EP, “EKHAYA,” is About To Drop

Springle and Tracy's Joint EP, "EKHAYA," is About To Drop

Springle & Tracy have demonstrated their prowess in the Amapiano genre time and time again, demonstrating that they are outstanding writers and talented performers. Their collaboration on Mdu aka TRP’s track “Makhi” in March 2024 was a massive success, highlighting their vocal range and creativity.

The musical chemistry between Springle & Tracy is undeniable, and they have recently revealed that they are working on a joint EP. Titled “EKHAYA,” this project will feature collaborations with Mdu A.k.a TRP, MFR Souls, Sykes, Jay Sax, AmaQhawe, Faith Strings, Amukelani, Man Kay, ChocoDynasty, and T&T MuziQ. The EP will delve into themes of human connection, daily struggles, and the search for a sense of belonging.

Mdu Aka Trp will take the lead on production for most of the tracks, with contributions from AmaQhawe and others. Stay tuned for the release date and tracklist, which will be announced in the upcoming weeks.