South African & Cultural References Spotted In Tyla’s ‘Jump’ Visuals

South African & Cultural References Spotted In Tyla’s ‘Jump’ Visuals

Grammy winner Tyla recently posted an intriguing discussion on her X fan page, @TylaClub. The thread analyzes South African and cultural allusions seen in Tyla’s most recent music video, “Jump,” which features Gunna and Skillibeng.

The “Jump” music video was filmed in Johannesburg, the city of Tyla’s birth. In addition to highlighting the glamorous areas of South Africa, Tyla educates her audience about the “bad” and “good” aspects of the country that shaped who she is today.

This is demonstrated by the Hillbrow tower, which can be seen in the first scene of the video. This identifies the location of the visuals’ shoot. Johannesburg’s inner-city residential neighborhood Hillbrow is well-known for its high rates of crime, sex work, unemployment, poverty, and population density.

Tyla is shown splitting her hair fiber for her hairstylist and braiding her hair in the traditional South African manner outside. She is also spotted consuming Go-Slos, which are well-liked treats that are primarily found in South African foreign tuck shops.

The single “Jump” can be found on Tyla’s March 22nd release of her debut album, “TYLA.” On May 20, the music video was released.

Below is the complete X thread: