Sexyy Red – In Sexyy We Trust Album

Sexyy Red – In Sexyy We Trust Album

Sexyy Red – In Sexyy We Trust Album

Artist: Sexyy Red
Genres: Hip-Hop,Rap
Release Date: 5/24/2024
Track Count: 14
Explicitness: explicit

Fans of Sexyy Red are in for a delightful surprise with the release of their latest album, “In Sexyy We Trust.” This exceptional album consists of 14 tracks, each showcasing the artist’s unique style and talent.

Kicking off with a brief introduction titled “Tim Talking,” the album swiftly transitions into energetic tracks like “She’s Back” and “Boss Me Up.” It explores a wide range of themes, from love and relationships in songs like “U My Everything” and “Sexyy Love Money,” to lively party anthems such as “Get It Sexyy” and “It’s My Birthday.”

With its captivating hooks and infectious beats, “In Sexyy We Trust” is bound to be a sensation among fans of the artist. Despite its explicit content, the album has already received rave reviews online, with many applauding Sexyy Red’s audacious and unapologetic approach to their music.

All in all, “In Sexyy We Trust” is a remarkable addition to Sexyy Red’s discography and a must-listen for any devoted fan. Make sure to give it a listen on your preferred music streaming platform.


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Tim Talking Sexyy Red 0:24 Released
2 She’s Back Sexyy Red 2:42 Released
3 Boss Me Up Sexyy Red 2:15 Released
4 U My Everything Sexyy Red & Drake 3:45 Released
5 Ova Bad Sexyy Red 2:11 Released
6 Get It Sexyy Sexyy Red 2:28 Released
7 Fake Jammin Sexyy Red 2:19 Released
8 Outside Sexyy Red & Mike WiLL Made-It 2:31 Released
9 Sexyy Love Money Sexyy Red & VonOff1700 2:44 Released
10 Sport Sexyy Red 1:46 Released
11 TTG (Go) Sexyy Red 2:20 Released
12 Lick Me Sexyy Red & Lil Baby 2:28 Released
13 Awesome Jawsome Sexyy Red 2:49 Released
14 It’s My Birthday Sexyy Red 2:27 Released