Sc23 And Steveisfrench releases EP ‘Scripted Pain’

Sc23 And Steveisfrench releases EP 'Scripted Pain'

Sc23 and Steveisfrench have collaborated on a new extended play called ‘Scripted Pain’. The rapper, hailing from Berea, showcases his lyrical prowess in this 5-track EP, delivering raw lines with a wicked delivery and an unwavering determination to succeed. In the opening track, ‘Surface Level’, Sc23 wastes no time in making his presence known, declaring, “I am standing on business my nigga, I’m here to cripple them”. Sc23’s exceptional writing skills perfectly complement his energy. Steveisfrench’s production allows Sc23 to effortlessly flow with precision. The transition from ‘Surface Level’ to the next track, ‘Abyss’, is seamless, creating a cohesive listening experience. In ‘Abyss’, Sc23 showcases his lyrical dexterity, effortlessly dismantling other rappers with his words.

‘Dark Times, Light Flow’ takes a lighter tone, with sharp bars delivered over a mellow and calm beat. The punchlines are cleverly crafted, with the opening line making a strong impact, “I barely been to the coast but these flows oceanic for sure. Got me drowning in the depths of my thoughts”. Sc23’s hunger for improvement and dedication to his craft is evident. ‘Make It Out’ features the first guest artist, ‘Ntatao’, who delivers a powerful verse reminiscent of prime Stogie T. In the final track, Sc23 boldly claims that he raps as if he is unearthing Biggie’s remains. His unwavering confidence and ability to paint vivid pictures with his words are undeniable.

You can listen to the full EP below: