Prince Kaybee is accused of song theft by Botlhale

Prince Kaybee is accused of song theft by Botlhale.

Botlhale Phora, a top 3 finalist and singer from Idol SA season 13, has accused Prince Kaybee of stealing his song. According to Botlhale, he sent the song to Prince Kaybee in 2021 but received no response. Later, he discovered that the melody of his song was used in Kaybee’s latest release without any credit given to him.

Furthermore, Botlhale mentioned that Prince Kaybee blocked him on TikTok when he tried to address the issue of song theft and infringement of his rights.

In response to these accusations, Prince Kaybee stated that he does not know Botlhale and has never met him. He denied stealing any song from Botlhale, emphasizing that the disputed track aligns with his usual style and musical progression. Prince Kaybee also highlighted the differences between the song shared by Botlhale and the one he produced, stating that they are significantly distinct.

Prince Kaybee defended himself by mentioning his previous works, such as “Charlotte” and “Love is Blind,” and explained that the beat he posted is a reflection of his musical style and preferences. He expressed frustration at the accusations and emphasized that the two songs are not similar.

South Africans have expressed their concerns and criticism towards Prince Kaybee in light of the song theft allegations made by Botlhale Phora. Many individuals are urging Prince Kaybee to take responsibility for his actions and give proper credit to upcoming artists. The public is closely following this controversy and expects a resolution that addresses the issue of song rights infringement.