Poizen releases new album ‘Hear Me Out’

Poizen releases new album ‘Hear Me Out’

When confronted with difficult challenges in life, we are often advised to turn to a higher power. Today, Poizen encourages us to seek divine intervention during life’s trials through his powerful EP titled ‘Hear Me Out.’

Poizen remains an intriguing and adaptable producer in the realm of House music, whose unique sounds have continued to shape the music scene. As the head of Poizen Pty Music label, he has built an impressive career, and it is truly gratifying to witness his continued ascent.

Staying true to his Gospel sound, which he has played a significant role in developing, the producer has gifted us with an EP that is truly exceptional from every angle. Released independently through his own labels, Poizen dedicated several months to meticulously crafting and compiling this project, resulting in a flawless collection of captivating tracks.

Within this EP, there are 9 diverse tracks, each production seemingly designed to highlight Poizen’s soulful and melodic gospel side. One standout track on this EP is ‘Give Me The Night,’ a fan-favorite that was first heard during his 2024 set and has been eagerly anticipated ever since.

Poizen has consistently demonstrated his range and versatility as a producer throughout his various projects, and this EP is no different.