Njelic’s track ‘Mali’ maintains its dominance on the charts

Njelic's track 'Mali' maintains its dominance on the charts

It has been nearly a week since Njelic presented us with his latest track “Mali” featuring Mkeyz, Rhythm Tee & Luunineleven, and to our surprise, the song is still performing exceptionally well on the charts.

In today’s music industry, where new tracks are constantly being released, it is uncommon for songs to have a long-lasting presence on the charts. The current trend in the music scene differs greatly from that of the early 2000s. Nowadays, music consumers have shorter attention spans, which significantly affects the longevity of songs on the charts and trends.

Listeners are always eager to move on to the next available track. However, Njelic has managed to create tracks that not only captivate listeners for a longer period of time but also maintain their position on the trends and charts.

His previous single “Woza La!” featuring Benny Maverick and Triple X Da Ghost has remained a chart-topper since its release in January 2024. Now, he has returned with another single that follows a similar pattern. “Mali” is a collaboration with Mkeyz, Rhythm Tee & Luunineleven, and it continues to hold its position on the charts weeks after its official release.

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