“Mthatha Othathayo” is a fire mixtape dropped by DJ Switch and BhutLegend

"Mthatha Othathayo" is a fire mixtape dropped by DJ Switch and BhutLegend

DJ Switch’s mixtape journey is still ongoing. ‘Mthatha Othathayo’, his latest collaborative mixtape with BhutLegend, is the seventh release from the Cape Town Hip-Hop pioneer in approximately three years.

Version 1:
Last year, DJ Switch expressed his perspective on mixtapes, stating that they were a way to break free from restrictions and share music that might otherwise be held back. He emphasized the importance of consistently releasing music to keep the Hip-Hop scene alive and thriving.

BhutLegend opens the mixtape by paying homage to his hometown in the track ‘Yonke iweyi yam ndiyithathe eMthatha/ Bonke o’line bam’ ndiwufunde eMthatha’. He highlights the streets and warns against the dangers of Mthatha, urging his community to support him. The following track, ‘Viedgesville’, continues to celebrate his upbringing in the town.

‘Andifun’be’, featuring Xhosa rapper Soul T iDyan, showcases authentic Xhosa rap styles. ‘Mpumelelo’ delves into themes of success and longing, while ‘Umthandazo’ explores emotions further. Uyihlo and Orish deliver powerful performances on ‘Izinto’ and ‘Trenches’, concluding a dynamic mixtape from the talented DJ and rapper duo.

Listen to ‘Mthatha Othathayo’ by streaming below: