Mr SimPz releases new jam ‘Izibuko’

Mr SimPz releases new jam ‘Izibuko’

Mr. SimPz has brought together talented artists from Soweto, including Bash Hops, Lord Taylor 011, and Bracy Blacko, to collaborate on his latest single, ‘Izibuko’.

The title ‘Izibuko’ translates to sunglasses in Zulu.

This track is characterized by its high energy, playful nature, and infectious vibe, with the artists delivering powerful verses over a hard-hitting beat.

Bash Hops contributes a memorable and catchy hook, humorously referencing the need for sunglasses due to the bright future ahead, along with other confident statements.

To build anticipation for the release, Mr. SimPz shared a captivating video of the artists performing ‘Izibuko’ shortly before its official launch.