MÖRDA drops new Ep ‘Crazy’

MÖRDA drops new Ep ‘Crazy’

MÖRDA Bongz presents an exciting collection of bangers in his latest EP, delving into new territories that showcase his versatility and creativity.

Since departing from Black Motion, MÖRDA has experienced a rapid ascent in the music industry. While some fans may still long for his time with Black Motion, many are embracing his solo career and recognizing his multifaceted talents beyond the studio.

With this latest EP, MÖRDA continues to establish his individual brand with five dynamic tracks that are bound to resonate with fans and dominate airwaves in the coming months.

Each track in the EP showcases MÖRDA’s distinctive sound, guaranteeing that ‘Crazy’ will become a favorite among EDM enthusiasts.

“Everyone harbors a hidden side within them. A sanctuary to maintain their place in society, it requires great self-control to keep this inevitable impulse suppressed. But what if each of us decided, even for just a moment, to let go… Crazy.” – MÖRDA