Mdu aka TRP, demonstrates that he is the original creator

Soweto’s Finest enlists Optimistmusic ZA, 9umba, Khalil Harrison, Orgza, and Nkosi King for their latest project, 'Mamazi'

Mdu aka TRP has been a key figure in shaping the Amapiano sound. His introduction of log drums is still considered one of the most significant and innovative melodic additions to the genre. After a year of musical exploration, the versatile producer is now sharing his newly discovered and crafted melodies with the release of ‘The Originator.’

‘The Originator’ consists of seven tracks, including two instrumentals and five vocals. One notable aspect of this release is the incorporation of powerful vocals on most of the tracks, setting it apart from Mdu Aka’s typical releases.

Released through PianoHub records, this EP demonstrates Mdu Aka TRP’s skill in creating everything from soulful piano to sgija and quantum, taking listeners on a blissful journey through the album’s tracks.

The productions on this project are sure to energize any dancefloor. Available now on your favorite music stores!