Mayonnaise Cebisa – IPARIS NO MJOLO (Radio Edits)

Mayonnaise Cebisa – IPARIS NO MJOLO (Radio Edits)Mayonnaise Cebisa – IPARIS NO MJOLO (Radio Edits)

Mayonnaise Cebisa – IPARIS NO MJOLO (Radio Edits)

Artist: Mayonnaise Cebisa
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: March 22, 2024
Track Count: 3

May 19, 2024 – Mayonnaise Cebisa has recently unveiled their highly anticipated single “IPARIS NO MJOLO (Radio Edits)”, much to the delight of alternative music enthusiasts. This captivating release consists of three distinct tracks, each showcasing Cebisa’s eclectic style and unique soundscapes. The featured songs include “Iparis No Mjolo” featuring Snakhokonke, “Ungowami,” and “Iyacelwa Intombi,” also featuring Snakhokonke.

The collaboration with Snakhokonke has generated significant excitement, resulting in immediate attention on social media and music platforms. The lead track, “Iparis No Mjolo,” captivates listeners with its engaging rhythms and compelling vocals, setting the tone for the entire collection. Fans have already taken to Twitter and TikTok to express their enthusiasm, participating in dance challenges and creating remix clips that showcase the irresistible charm of this single.

As the buzz surrounding “IPARIS NO MJOLO (Radio Edits)” continues to grow exponentially, it is evident that Mayonnaise Cebisa has delivered a project that resonates with both long-time followers and new listeners alike.


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Iparis No Mjolo (feat. Snakhokonke) Mayonnaise Cebisa 5:00 Released
2 Ungowami Mayonnaise Cebisa 4:56 Released
3 Iyacelwa Intombi (feat. Snakhokonke) Mayonnaise Cebisa 4:23 Released