Mali B-flat’s latest album, ‘Strings Attached Vol.2’, is available

Mali B-flat's latest album, 'Strings Attached Vol.2', is available

Mali B-flat presents his latest and most ambitious release to date, ‘Strings Attached Vol.2,’ which is a project that should not be overlooked.

Ever since Mali B-flat burst onto the Amapiano scene a few years ago, he has been on a mission to blend piano and violin elements to create a unique sound that pushes the boundaries of the Amapiano genre. He has successfully combined these two sounds, resulting in a captivating and melodic experience.

Not many would have expected the violin to harmonize so well with the heavy piano synths, percussions, and chords. However, Mali B-flat has shown us the limitless possibilities of the Amapiano sound through his distinctive soundscape. His melodic sound has earned him a well-deserved reputation in the industry.

To share this melodic experience with a wider audience, Mali B-flat has released ‘Strings Attached Vol.2,’ an extended playlist consisting of 8 tracks that perfectly capture his sound. The EP also features collaborations with renowned artists, showcasing Mali B-flat’s talent for creating flawless melodies.