Machinedrum – 3FOR82

Machinedrum – 3FOR82

Machinedrum – 3FOR82

Artist: Machinedrum
Genres: Electronic
Release Date: 5/24/2024
Track Count: 12

Machinedrum’s highly anticipated album, 3FOR82, has finally been released, much to the delight of electronic music enthusiasts. This album, consisting of 12 tracks, showcases Machinedrum’s exceptional production skills and features an impressive lineup of collaborations that are sure to captivate listeners.

From the soulful vocals of Jesse Boykins III on the track “WEARY” to the mesmerizing beats of “H0N3Y,” Machinedrum demonstrates his versatility throughout the album. Tracks like “RESPEK” featuring Topaz Jones & Ezri and “U_WANT” featuring KUČKA offer a perfect blend of catchy hooks and infectious rhythms that are bound to become instant favorites.

One particular standout track, “ZOOM,” features the sultry vocals of Tinashe, seamlessly blending electronic and R&B elements. Additionally, “KILL_U” featuring Tanerélle delivers a hauntingly beautiful melody that is both captivating and mesmerizing.

With the release of 3FOR82, Machinedrum further solidifies his position as a pioneering force in the electronic music scene. Fans can now enjoy streaming the album on all major platforms and embark on a sonic journey crafted by Machinedrum with this latest release.


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 ORACLE (feat. aja monet) Machinedrum 2:41 Released
2 RESPEK (feat. Topaz Jones & Ezri) Machinedrum 2:50 Released
3 WEARY (feat. Mick Jenkins & Jesse Boykins III) Machinedrum 2:18 Released
4 H0N3Y Machinedrum 3:05 Released
5 HEAL (feat. AKTHESAVIOR & Deniro Farrar)  Machinedrum 2:23 Released
6 ILIKEU (feat. DUCKWRTH) Machinedrum 2:41 Released
7 U_WANT (feat. KUČKA) Machinedrum 3:43 Released
8 BLESSD (feat. Deem Spencer) Machinedrum 2:09 Released
9 RISE Machinedrum & ROZET 2:40 Released
10 ZOOM (feat. Tinashe)  Machinedrum 3:45 Released
11 KILL_U (feat. Tanerélle) Machinedrum 3:01 Released
12 GODOWN (feat. Jesse Boykins III) Machinedrum 2:38 Released