‘Impilo Ka Lova’ Has New Visuals by ASAP Shembe

'Impilo Ka Lova' Has New Visuals by ASAP Shembe

“Impilo Ka Lova” by ASAP Shembe Has New Visuals Released Artist ASAP Shembe from the East Rand returns with a new song called “Impilo Ka Lova,” complete with music video.

ASAP Shembe wrestles with an enigmatic figure in the dark, twisted footage until he eventually places them in the trunk of his car.

The automobile starts up and a trap beat with lots of horns drops. Shembe relates the story of Ulova, who is constantly out on the streets and thus missing from the house, and his use of slang gives the song a unique rawness.

View the “Impilo Ka Lova” music video below: