Hommie Blaze has released a captivating EP titled ‘Lost & Found’

Hommie Blaze has released a captivating EP titled 'Lost & Found'

Hommie Blaze has recently released a fresh EP called ‘Lost & Found’. This talented artist from Ghana explores the realm of melodic music while also infusing some captivating lyricism throughout. The opening track, which shares the same title as the EP, serves as an introduction to his self-discovery, resilience, and aspirations. Sonically, his music is captivating, with subtle hints of Amapiano incorporated into the mix. The second track, ‘Reminisce’, finds Hommie Blaze reflecting on his past and how he can learn from previous setbacks to achieve future success. ‘Road’, the penultimate song, delivers a groovy tune while inspiring his listeners to persevere and never give up. The final track, ‘YCKMV’, showcases a more serene approach as Hommie Blaze acknowledges the presence of his mother in his life, bringing this emotional and thrilling EP to a close.

Feel free to listen to the complete EP below: .