EMz And Slov’Obvious teases new jam ‘Danger, Gevaar, Ingozi’

EMz And Slov'Obvious teases new jam 'Danger, Gevaar, Ingozi'

EMz and Slov’Obvious have recently released a fresh single called ‘Danger, Gevaar, Ingozi’. The song boasts a fast-paced tempo, with EMz incorporating his Zulu language at the beginning before seamlessly transitioning into the track. EMz confidently delivers his bars, stating “Mina ngihamba nedlozi, danger gevaar ngiyingozi”. Slov’Obvious, the featured artist, also contributes his skills over a captivating beat. After their previous release, ‘Gate Keepers’, we eagerly anticipate some visually stunning content from this talented artist hailing from Mpumalanga.

Feel free to listen to the complete song below: