DJ Lag initiates Gqom Revolution through ‘The Rebellion Album’

Revolution has always been part of Human existence. We are what we are today because certain people rebelled against the norms and thus leading to a creation of a new order. Starting his Gqom music revolution, DJ Lag is here with ‘The Rebellion.’ This album is Gqom fused with 3 Steps, Amapiano, Afro Tech and Hiphop. When it comes to pushing the boundaries of the Gqom sound, none can be compared to DJ Lag, the notorious producer and deejay has for a long time sought to expand the influences of the local sound with infectious releases such as ‘Hade Boss’ with Mr Nation Thingz & K.C Driller and ‘Jika’ with Biggie & Vumar. Aside these infectious drop, the 27-years old producer also attracted Gqom into the global spotlight via his insertion of Gqom flairs on Beyoncé’s “My Power,” a track that made it to her The Lion King: The Gift compilation. Now, the veteran producer is starting a musical rebellion with his new Album and this is sure one of the best we have had from DJ Lag. Featuring 13 tracks, ‘The Rebellion Album’ sees the producer exceed his own standards by adding the fresher elements to the project’s production equation.

DJ Lag, a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of the Gqom genre, has consistently strived to broaden the horizons of local music. With tracks like ‘Hade Boss’ and ‘Jika,’ he has showcased his ability to infuse Gqom with various influences. Notably, his collaboration with Beyoncé on “My Power” brought Gqom to a global audience through The Lion King: The Gift compilation. Now, with his new album ‘The Rebellion,’ DJ Lag is initiating a musical rebellion that sets a new standard in his career. Featuring 13 tracks, this album showcases his innovative approach to production.