DJ Jaivane and Record L Jones reconcile with their latest release, ‘Vulani’

After years of animosity and conflict, DJ Jaivane & Record L Jones are seeking reconciliation through their powerful single, ‘Vulani’, featuring Mangoli, Sighful & NHLANHLA THE GUITARIST.

DJ Jaivane & Record L Jones were once a formidable duo. Their track ‘Ubusha Bethu’, which showcased Slenda Vocals, garnered over 2 million streams on YouTube alone. If not for their separation, Record L Jones would have been guided to even greater heights. However, it is heartening to see that they have finally come together again to achieve even bigger things.

‘Vulani’ represents their latest collaboration, capturing the essence of the piano era in 2018 with its energetic beats and captivating vocals. With the assistance of Mangoli, Sighful & NHLANHLA THE GUITARIST, this track brings back the same infectious energy that once dominated the Amapiano scene, offering listeners an exciting new interpretation of the soulful piano sound.

Among the tracks featured in Djy Jaivane’s Xpensive Clections Vol 44 (Phillips Street Edition) mixtape, ‘Vulani’ stands out as one of our favorites. Each time we listen to this song, it only gets better. Embark on your melodic journey now and experience the magic of ‘Vulani’!