Caseklowzed Drops’ “Cold Dayz 2” album tracklist

Caseklowzed Drops' "Cold Dayz 2" album tracklist

Caseklowzed is making a comeback with his latest album, ‘Cold Dayz 2’, which consists of a tracklist comprising 16 songs.

This album showcases the collaboration of Caseklowzed with four talented artists, namely Patrickxxlee, Usimamane, Nasty C, and Born Siner. Since 2019, Caseklowzed has been steadily gaining recognition, and 2021 has proven to be a significant year for him with the release of ‘Case Essentials’ and the first edition of ‘Cold Dayz’. Looking ahead to 2024, Caseklowzed is preparing to release his highly anticipated album, along with his second tape of the year. Notably, the tracks on this album will feature prominent artists such as Usimamane and Nasty C.