Calvin Fallo Talks About The Origin of the Sound and Who Made Ampiano

Calvin Fallo Talks About The Origin of the Sound and Who Made Ampiano

There has been a great deal of debate and controversy surrounding the true creators of Amapiano and its place of origin. While it is undeniable that the sound is 100% South African, there have been many newcomers who, in recent years, have been spreading incorrect information to international audiences.

In a recent interview with Uncle Waffles, she falsely claimed that Amapiano only gained popularity in 2021. However, this is not true as Amapiano has been around since 2015.

One question that has been asked by new listeners and audiences for years is: who actually created the Amapiano sound? Kabza De Small or Mfr Souls? However, Calvin Fallo disagrees with these claims of ownership. According to the experienced producer, those who assert that they created Amapiano should provide evidence. He argues that simply adding new elements to the sound does not automatically make you the creator of Amapiano.

Calvin Fallo expressed his thoughts on social media, stating, “This whole discussion about who started Amapiano is amusing. Everyone is trying to add a few extra years to when they started, just so they can claim they were the pioneers. I believe it’s time for all of us to present evidence.”

Our Perspective on the Origin of Amapiano
What we understand today as Amapiano has evolved from various sounds and sub-styles. We first heard Amapiano in 2015, when it was referred to as Broken Piano and Kota sound.  During that time, Kabza De Small was primarily focused on House Music. Although his contributions played a significant role in making Amapiano more widely accepted, it did not originate solely from him or from established figures who joined the trend in later years.