Caltonic SA and Perspectiv Soul Collaborate on “Resilience EP”

Caltonic SA and Perspectiv Soul Collaborate on "Resilience EP"

Caltonic SA, a prominent figure in the Amapiano music scene, has been mistakenly perceived as retired due to his production silence. However, he has returned with a new EP titled “Resilience” in collaboration with Perspectiv Soul. Despite his absence in recent years, Caltonic SA remains a producer that Amapiano enthusiasts should not overlook.

This EP serves as a reminder of his talent and dedication to the genre, offering a fresh perspective on his musical style. With six tracks showcasing a blend of his classic sound with new elements, “Resilience” is a testament to Caltonic SA’s versatility and creativity. Fans can look forward to more exciting projects from this talented artist in the future.