031Choppa, Shakes & Les & Zee Nxumalo drops new song ‘Abogogo’

031Choppa, Shakes & Les & Zee Nxumalo drops new song ‘Abogogo’

031Choppa presents a new track that promises to resonate with you on a deeply personal level. Released now is ‘Abogogo’, a collaborative effort with Shakes & Les and Zee Nxumalo.

Known for consistently delivering Amapiano hits, 031Choppa never fails to impress. This latest track, with its captivating sound, showcases a more soulful aspect of the producer.

Featuring the talents of Shakes & Les and Zee Nxumalo, ‘Abogogo’ seeks to establish a connection with our ancestors. It serves as a plea for guidance and support from those who have gone before us.

Crafted by 031Choppa, the track incorporates traditional vocals by Shakes & Les and Zee Nxumalo, enhancing the melodic rhythm.

Amidst the plethora of Amapiano releases this year, it can be challenging to discover soul-soothing music. Rest assured, we are here to sift through the options and recommend the perfect listening experience for you.

“This song reflects a personal journey, capturing moments of vulnerability and the need for ancestral strength and guidance. ‘Abogogo’ is a heartfelt prayer, a plea for assistance, and a tribute to the enduring bond we share with our predecessors,” – 031Choppa.